Q: Who is SOGA Organic?

A: SOGA Organic is a proudly South African, certified organic citrus processor. We are a small niche enterprise that only process fruit from the SOGA (Sundays Organic Growers Association) Group. Our certification complies with European Union and National Organic Programme (USA) standards.


SOGA was formed in 2005 when a group of South African organic citrus farmers got together to cooperate with each other in research, packing, logistics and marketing to grow and supply superior citrus to our customers around the world. In previous years the processing was outsourced however as from 2012 we have brought it in-house to within SOGA, to improve quality and standards. We produce and export 2000 MT of NFC (Not-from-concentrate) Juice to the wholesale market each year and 6 MT of citrus oil is sold locally.

Fresh fruit from the SOGA growers are sold to existing markets abroad and a percentage of this export quality fruit is allocated to producing new healthy retail products for the local market in South Africa.

Q: Are SOGA Organic products, truly South African?

A: Yes. All citrus is grown, processed and packaged by SOGA Organic in the Sundays River Valley, Eastern Cape.

Q: What other products do you offer?

A: Besides the retail products, we produce and wholesale top quality single strength Certified Organic NFC (Not-from-concentrate) Juice and citrus oils 

Q: What does Certified Organic mean?

A: ‘Certified organic’ means the farmers or producers of the food or product have undergone an official and industry-recognised — and often costly — process of application, inspection, compliance and authentication that entitles them to use the label.

Q: What is the difference between Organic and Certified Organic?

A:  SOGA Organic juice is not just organic, it is Certified Organic. Currently, South Africa has no legislation, regulation or standard controlling organic agriculture production in South Africa. So until this draft has been passed, it is your responsibility as consumer to KNOW what you are buying.


Certified Organic producers and processors are subject to rigorous announced - and unannounced - certification inspections by third-party inspectors to ensure that they are producing and processing organic products in a manner you and your family can trust.

Q: How do I know that a product is Certified Organic?

A: To be certified organic your products need to be certified by a registered body and carry the USDA organic seal. This is the label you WANT to see. “A symbol of product integrity that you can trust.”

The organic industry in South Africa is still very much self-regulated and there are no laws that govern the use of the word ‘organic’ on products. Unscrupulous manufacturers indiscriminately put these labels on their products — and get away with doing it. However, you as the consumer, can protect yourself by looking out for the certified organic accreditation symbol.

Firstly, we advise that you carefully check labels for the names and logos of legitimate certification organisations such as Ecocert or Control Union. Because certification is a complex, lengthy and expensive process for the farmer, producer or manufacturer, you can trust that he has complied with the necessary regulations to obtain it, and that the organisation is monitoring the use of its name and logos. If you cannot find the name or logo, but the product claims to be organic, phone the manufacturer and ask which certifying organisation it uses.

Q: Are Certified Organic products more nutritious?

A: “Food grown in healthier soil, with natural fertilizers and no harmful chemicals, is quite simply more nutritious, and as an added boon, will not load you up with dangerous toxins that can destroy your health.”

Q: What other accreditations do you have?

A: Quality and food safety is very important at SOGA Organic. Our concern is not only the supervision of fresh produce orchards, but also strict production processes to ensure the most fresh and high-quality products at the best price.

  • PPECB (Perishable Products Export Control Board)
  • Organic Certified by Control Union (EU & NOP USA)
  • BRCGS (Brand Reputable Compliance Global Standards) 

Besides their organic accreditation, all SOGA growers are also GlobalGap accredited.

Q: What does Not-from-concentrate (NFC) mean?

A: All SOGA Organic juice is not-from-concentrate… Just squeezed & freezed. Not-from-concentrate means that no water has been added in the process, so you can enjoy pure orange juice, like nature intended.

Q: What is the difference between Not-from-concentrate & Concentrate?

A:  Compare to juice made from concentrate, nothing is added to SOGA Organic NFC juice - No preservatives, no additives, no colourants, no flavourings, no sugar, NO WATER. With the world’s water integrity under threat, you can be assured that the only water in SOGA Organic juice is the water in the fruit.

Q: Why is there no pulp in SOGA Organic juice?

A: SOGA Organic juice is a “low pulp” juice. Most of the pulp is extracted with a fine sieve to ensure that your get more juice and less pulp.

Q: What makes SOGA Organic Juice products so unique?

A: SOGA Organic is the only certified organic citrus processor in South Africa. All citrus is grown by SOGA growers, processed and packaged by SOGA Organic. All our wholesale and retail products are certified organic by Control Union - the only certified organic citrus juice grown & produced in South Africa.

Q: Where can I buy SOGA Organic products?

A: At selected National retail stores and speciality stores across the Western Cape (incl. Garden route), Eastern Cape and Gauteng. KwaZulu Natal coming soon. Visit our Store Locator for a store near you.


Q: What is the shelf life of the frozen juice?

A: If kept frozen at -18°C it has a shelf life of up to two (2) years from packaging date.

Q: How long can I keep the thawed juice in the fridge?

A: Once defrosted, keep refrigerated unopened & consume within 14 days

Q: Can I re-freeze the juice once defrosted?

A: This is not recommended as flavour and taste might change. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated and consume within five (5) days.

Q: What retail products do you offer?

A:  December 2015 SOGA Organic launched its first two retail products; Certified Organic Frozen Orange Juice and Frozen Orange Ice Rocket. Since then we have launched a new product nearly every year with the latest addition being the delicious Frozen Naartjie Juice that launched December 2022. Products include:

·        Frozen Orange Juice (250ml PET1 bottle AND 500ml PLA Biodegradable bottle)
·        Frozen Orange Rocket (100ml squeeze tube AND 10 x 100ml Multipack)
·        Frozen Lemon Juice (24 x 10ml sachets per re-sealable Pouch AND 250ml PET1 bottle)
·        Frozen Ruby Grapefruit Juice (250ml PET1 bottle)
·        Frozen Naartjie Juice (250ml PET1 bottle)

Q: Will SOGA Organic be offering any other products in future?

A: For sure. SOGA Organic is a small dynamic enterprise, always looking for new and innovative products to launch. 

Q: Is your juice more expensive than other juice?

A:.SOGA Organic strives to exceed customer expectations by offering premium quality products at the most competitive price. SOGA Organic juice is locally grown, processed and packaged to ensure the best possible price.

Q: Can I buy directly from SOGA Organic?

A:  No, sorry. SOGA Organic retail products are only available through selected retail outlets.

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