Award winning product from the Sundays River Valley

BY Lize Garrod

SOGA Organic is a small niche company located in the heart of the Sundays River Valley that grow, produce and package the first and only Certified Organic citrus juice products in South Africa.

Besides supplying the International wholesale market it was our vision to one day supply the local retail market with South Africa's first certified organic citrus juice products - a unique and healthy alternative to all the sugar-loaded juices in the market today. This vision became a reality in December 2015 with the launch of our first two retail products at a handful of selected Food Lover's Market Stores.

As a small dynamic enterprise always looking for new and innovative products to launch, it was no surprise to launch our third product - Frozen Lemon Juice - just a year later and our fourth product launching this year.

We entered our Frozen Lemon Juice Product in the 2018 Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition (NPC). The aim of the competition is to give local and International brands, supplied on the South AFrican market, the opportunity to showcase their innovative new products. SOGA Organic was very honoured to walk away with three awards - Winner Packaging, Second Runner up in Individual Category and Second Runner up overall in New Product Competition - at the Awards Evening held in Cape Town on 13 September 2018. 

Launching the first Certified Organic Citrus Juice products in South Africa came with lots of challenges in terms of packaging, labelling and distribution, but yet again... our passion for healthy living and keeping our products as real and authentic as possible saw us through launching a product that is local, certified organic and with NOTHING ADDED. A single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives or sugar added. Packaging that can withstand very low temperatures are often challenging, but we sourced the best we could and are always looking for new and improved packaging to improve our products and be gentler on the environment. 

 October 31, 2018
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Lize Garrod

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