NFC Juice

Not-from-concentrate (NFC) juices have that right-from-the-orchard, freshly squeezed taste. And, just like freshly squeezed juice, there's no water, sugar, or preservatives added, only 100 percent pure premium quality pasteurized orange juice. One sip, and you'll taste the difference.

The difference is in how the fruit is processed. Not-from-concentrate means the fruit is squeezed, the juice is pasteurized and then packaged. From-concentrate means the fruit is squeezed, the water is extracted, which produces a concentrated form similar to that you see in the frozen food department. At a later time the water is added back in and the juice is pasteurized and packaged.

Proper juice extraction is important to optimize the efficiency of the juice production process as well as the quality of the finished drink. The latter is true because oranges have thick peels, which contain bitter resins that must be carefully separated to avoid tainting the sweeter juice. There are two automated extraction methods commonly used by the industry. The process we use places the fruit between two metal cups with sharpened metal tubes at their base. The upper cup descends and the fingers on each cup mesh to express the juice as the tubes cut holes in the top and bottom of the fruit. The fruit solids are compressed into the bottom tube between the two plugs of peel while the juice is forced out through perforations in the tube wall. At the same time, a water spray washes away the oil from the peel. This oil is reclaimed for later use.

All our NFC Juice are packaged in new 200 kilogram galvanized lead-free drums (not painted) and frozen to -18° Celsius, ready for shipping.

Juice Quality


Navel10 - 13 8 - 140.88 - 1.5
Valencia10 - 136 - 9.51.20 - 1.92 
Lemon7 - 11 
3.10 - 7.0
Mandarin / Clementine 12 - 15 11 - 190.76 - 1.25
Ruby Grapefruit11 - 13.5 5 -  6.51.76 - 2.4


Juice processing is from April to September. We provide top quality single strength (NFC) frozen juice and citrus oils at very competitive prices.


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