Social Responsibility

Supporting our community

Langbos Creche and Care Centre is the local charity SOGA Organic supports. We supply the children and members of the community with Orange Juice on a regular basis to ensure all the children get their Vitamin C boost for a healthy body and development.


Their mission is to empower and strengthen the local community through capacity building, skills transfer and funding of various community development programmes. They strive to provide quality education and support to children in order to enable them to develop holistically and gain access to greater opportunities in life. Langbos is an informal settlement in the Addo district and falls within the Sundays River Valley Municipality, Eastern Cape. The Sundays River Valley is known as a tourist destination, Addo Elephant National Park, and citrus industry.


Langbos is one of five townships in Addo with little to no infrastructure on a portion of land surrounded by citrus farming as a great majority of the community are seasonal workers on the citrus farms. Being seasonal workers means that between December and March the community members are unemployed which has subsequently led to high levels of alcohol abuse and child abuse. Their aim is to build capacity of social structure and change agents through the funding of various socio-economic development programmes that positively address identified local priorities and to empower the community to be economically independent and take ownership of their future. All of their programmes are result and impact driven, designed to be sustainable and to make a lasting difference in the Langbos community.

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