Social Responsibility

Developing our community

Unemployment is a major contributor to South Africa’s many social problems. As SOGA, we are facing the challenges of our community by:

  • Reducing unemployment- organic farmers employ more workers than conventional farmers, as many more operations use manual labour rather than chemical solutions. We employ more workers year round, and particularly over summer, when unemployment is high.
  • All our farms have been inspected by independent labour consultants, and have been found to surpass the employment standards required by Government.
  • Training is a high priority. We have established a fund to undertake a major training program in both hard and soft skills. Our staff members have been enrolled in ABET programs (Adult Basic education and Training).  Trained workers are more motivated, productive, have greater self-confidence, can earn higher wages, and are more mobile.
  • Changing lives-our on farm crèche, named HOPE takes care of our employee’s pre-school children. Here children enjoy nutritional meals and are taught basic skills in hygiene & social behaviour. This facility is provided free of charge to our employees. It gives mothers the choice  to go back to work.
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